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DIY felt busy page



Awhile back, before Abbey’s 2nd birthday, I had the idea to make her a felt busy book. As I spent countless hours on the pages, only to watch her tear the felt pieces to shreds, I realized that maybe 2 was a bit too young for a busy book. I put the project on hold, and went to work on other things.

Recently, with my spring cleaning bug, I have started pulling things out and giving them a second look. This BURGER TIME page, is from the yet to be finished Abbey’s Uber Fancy Felt Busy Book For When Mommy Needs A Break, or the AUFFBBFWMNAB for short. Or just busy book works too.

The pages are so easy to make, and so much fun to create that I feel like I have more fun making them than the kids do playing with them. Regardless, as I make and find pages, I will be posting them here, so you can make a busy book if you’d like to, too.

Felt pages are super easy to create, all you need is a little inspiration, some felt and some glue. I recommend Fabri-Tac glue by Beacon because it’s the best thing I have found to bind felt (and fabric) together.

For the BURGER TIME page, you will be making everything below.



I wish I was good at making printable templates, but I am not, and everything you see I cut freehand.

Pictured above, starting at the bottom left and going clockwise is; Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions, Mustard, Secret Sauce, Ketchup, Pickles, Sesame Bun Top, Melting Cheese, Burger Patties and Bacon.


The page features a plate and bottom of the bun, glued on for safe keeping on a gingham tablecloth with silverware. You may decide to add more features (like a fried egg, onion rings, BBQ sauce…) or leave some out. I just made ingredients with coordinating felt sheets I had.



I cut the sauces so they look like they are dripping, because it’s sort of cute and more fun!



The cheese is cut to make it look like it is melting, and I made the sesame seeds with tiny bits of white felt scraps.



The bacon I used a textured dark red felt I had, and drew white lines on it with a Sharpie paint pen, to make it look more like bacon.

burger time


This page provides endless possibilities, encourages pretend play, helps with coordination and color recognition. Plus it’s really cute, isn’t it?

It’s fine on it’s own as just a plain page, or eventually sandwiched with another one with holes and grommets added to create a book! I’ll be slowly adding more busy pages over the next few months as my book becomes more of a reality!

Let me know of any busy book pages you would like to see in the future! I am always looking for inspiration!

BTW, I need a new camera so give me some suggestions of some great DSLR’s that won’t crush my bank account into fairy dust.


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