Tutorial Tuesday – Anthropologie Inspired – DIY Felt Garland

felt garland titleWhen I was young and had lots of money to waste, I used to love spending it at Anthropologie. It’s kind of sad how much I spent there in my single days (and how much of if it is now broken because of my husband and kids… this is why we can’t have nice things…).

Now with kids and a “budget” I don’t get around to shopping there as much as I would like to. Fortunately for me, the folks at Anthropologie are very crafty, and I am very crafty, which makes it pretty easy for my to hack the craft and come up with DIY versions.

I saw this all over the internet awhile back, and I guess everyone else had the same idea. The original one would set you back a pretty penny, but mine (if you’re as crafty and as much of a craft hoarder as me) is just a penny. Ok maybe not an actual penny, but probably not too many of them.

I have a scrap stash. I have a fabric one, and a felt one and even a paper one. That stuff gets expensive! I save where I can! This is a GREAT example of that. I raided my felt stash, and grabbed all the odds and end pieces from lots of felt flowers and crafts, and a few regular sheets too… and got down to business…

felt garland 1All you need, is some felt, a pair of scissors, some thick thread or embroidery floss, a large embroidery or darning needle… and about an hour. I watched a rerun episode of SVU.

Cut your scraps and sheets into strips… about 1″x3″… just eyeball it, we’re not going for perfection here.

felt garland 2

Thread your needle with your desired length of your garland. Measure your fireplace mantle, or your empty wall space, or wherever you plan to display this, and then give yourself about an extra 6-12″.

You can tie a large knot on one end, but I made a loop (which makes it way easier to hang from hooks and the like) and begin to thread your pieces on.

Pinch your piece of felt in the center to create a “bow” like shape…

felt garland 3and push the needle through!

felt garland 4That’s it! Repeat the entire length of the thread. Boom!

felt garland 5


Once you have a few pieces on, slide them together to create the bunched look of the garland. It’s easier to do this every 10 or so strips, rather than later when you start to run out of room… trust me on this one.


felt garland 6At the end of your thread, make another knot, or loop and trim the excess of the ends.

Make sure you pay attention to the colors you’re putting on so you are keeping it in a pattern, or random… don’t put too many green, and forget to add some pink or red… or whatever colors you’re using. Organized chaos.

felt garland 7felt garland 8Hang your masterpiece and have everyone tell you how adorable it is! Or just use it as decor on a buffet or counter top at a party!

felt garland 9garland 9Oh hey look! It’s me in the mirror! Hi! Plus a few little gems from Anthro too, like my glass citrus juicer and that giant candle stick! Heyo! That mirror might be from there too…

How cute right? It cost me nothing when I made it because I had everything on hand… but I would assume my garland used about 15 sheets of felt, so around $5. The entire garland should set you back no more than $10! How’s that for markup? Aye!

Do you love Anthropologie as much as I do? Do you think you’ll tackle this project? You could use specific colors for holidays or birthday parties! Share your ideas with me in the comments! Happy Crafting!

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  1. says

    Hello, I just want you to know that your DIY Felt Garland is the cutest thing ever! I love it!
    It seems time consuming but the end result would be worth it! Thanks for sharing
    on The MaMade Blog link up .

    Kim ~ This Ole Mom

    • mommylikewhoa says

      That’s how I feel! SO SAD! Thanks for stopping by!! This project takes less than an hour (ok maybe 2…) and about $10. So fun!

    • mommylikewhoa says

      Thank you! I love it too! Sometimes we all just need a little bit of whimsy and fancy in our lives :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    This is adorable! When my daughter moves out of her nursery and into her big girl room, I want to use bright colors everywhere–this garland would look so cute! I love Anthropologie, but the prices are way out of control. Why would I pay that when I can make something just as adorable for $10!?! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. says

    That is just too cute! I too remember the days when one could spend money in places like Anthro or Banana Republic and not give it a second thought..lol

  4. says

    What a fun and festive way to decorate! Love the colors. I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this tutorial at my website on Tuesday, March 12 if you don’t mind. I love your site!


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