Tutorial Tuesday – Felt Poppy Flower

Felt Poppy Flower Tutorial

After how adorable my first felt flower tutorial came out, I figured as I made new flowers, I would do additional tutorials for different flowers.

So today, we’re gonna do a poppy! One of those big colorful ones with all the beautiful petals! In fact, this same petal technique can be used to make magnolia flowers as well, as long as you change out the center and make the petals white. Lots of options here for beautiful spring bouquets!

You’ll need;

Floral Tape
Hot Glue


I used pink, black and green felt for this flower.

Start by taking a strip of black, folding it in half lengthwise and cutting fringe, similar to the flower in the other tutorial. Place you stem in the center and roll it up, adding glue at intervals to keep it tight.


Next you need to cut out your petals. You will need 5 of each sized small, medium and large. Start by creating a square, approximately 1×1 for small, 2×2 for medium and 3×3 for large, but you could make them bigger as well. Cut out the petals in a ruffled edge shape, like below.


Beginning with the small petals, glue them around the base of the flower center, slightly over lapping each other.

step 1

Continue with the medium sized petals, filling in the empty spaces between the smaller petals.

step 2

Finish off the flower by adding in the large petals.

step 3

Cut 2 leaves and a base, shown above. Make a small slit in the base piece and slide it up the stem, securing with glue. Add a dot of glue to the base of each flower and pinch around the stem.


All done! How easy was that?


If you want to use this tutorial to make a hair clip, omit the stem and add a clip when you secure the back piece. To add to a headband, secure headband between flower and back piece.

They would look great on a wreath and add a bit more visual awesomeness than just the cute rolled flowers I see everyone doing. What other flowers would you like to me do tutorials on? Have you attempted these flowers yet?

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  1. liz miller says

    This is going to be my Veteran’s Day project and sell them for wounded warrior project or donate to Got your Six. As I veteran myself I love to see this one in scarlet. It would be awesome. Thanks.


  1. […] Berta of “mommy like whoa” is a native San Diegan and a wife and mother. She has a tutorial for this brilliant pink Poppy. You can use these beautiful poppies to decorate anything. Make a gorgeous bouquet they would be perfect for a bride.  You can use these poppies in any color you choose and think about how many ways you can use them.  Decorate a plane handbag or use it as a hair decoration or decorate a pillow to give it some pizzazz.  Berta has a wonderful pictorial for you to follow and she tells you how to make a pin or a hair clip without using the stem.  I want to thank Berta for sharing her spectacular tutorial with us. TUTORIAL HERE! […]

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