DIY Valentine’s Day Cards!

Valentine’s Day is FRIDAY! Have I mentioned that yet?

valentine title

Back when I was a kid, Valentine’s day was super awesome because it meant a class party and lots of candy! I even had my first “official” Valentine when I was in 4th grade.

Nowadays, candy isn’t really the norm when it comes to Valentine’s and even some schools have opted out of giving out candy altogether, kinda sad, but oh well.

Audrey decided that she didn’t want to give out just any old “store bought” card (is she spoiled, or what?!). So off to Pinterest we headed.

She’s REALLY into the Rainbow Loom lately, like really, really into it. My fingers can not type enough “really’s” to get the point across. That’s pretty much all she does on the weekends, read and make like 4958 bracelets.

audrey loom

So I figured, why not incorporate Rainbow Loom into her Valentines?

We found some really cute free printables online, but in the end decided on making our own in Photoshop, just using the ideas we had seen.

I worked on the card, while she spent the next 2 hours making 24 single strand bracelets.

audrey loom 2

I gotta hand it to her, she really put in some hard work.

I started by creating a 1/4 sheet image and fiddling around with fonts. We decided on a free font from called DJ Candy Heart, and is perfect for Valentine’s Day!┬áSince it was a “Rainbow Loom” card, we picked some rainbow colors!


I printed up all the cards on card stock and cut them out with my Cricut paper trimmer. Then, using a hole punch, I made 2 holes on each side, in a snowman shape, so the bracelets could easily fit through.

valentine closeup

As each bracelet was finished, we put them on the cards and clasped them together. Audrey then took each Valentine and wrote her classmates name on each one, putting her best friends names on the top of the cards with her favorite bracelets. She’s so cute.


Audrey told me how much “cheaper” these were than actually buying cards, since she already had all the stuff for them. I guess we need to have a talk about inventory costs soon.

Are you doing homemade cards this year? Or opting for store bought versions? Does your kids school allow candy? If not are you planning on having something else, like a toy or bracelet? Comment, and let me know!

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