Pretty Pintastic Party #26!

Happy Friday! Is it really already Friday?! One more week until HALLOWEEN! Woo! I am getting so excited, y’all have no idea. Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays! I hope you will share your Halloween inspiration this week in our linkup! Make sure you visit the other ladies and follow them on Social Media! Happy Pinning!


 Welcome, Welcome!!  We are so glad you are joining us for our party!

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DIY Vampire Pumpkins

DIY Vampire Pumpkins -


This is literally the easiest pumpkin carving post you will read all year. Seriously, it’s that easy. I made all 3 of these pumpkins in about 10 minutes and they might be the cutest things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of cute stuff over the years… read on for the super easy tutorial!Continue Reading

Salted Caramel Apples with Only 3 Ingredients!

Salted Caramel Apples -

I am so obsessed with salted caramel! If it’s got salted caramel on it, I am all over it. Seriously. I even have a bottle of Salted Caramel vodka on our bar. Pro Tip: It’s delicious in hot cocoa and mochas. So I decided I might want to amp up one of my favorite fall treats, caramel apples, by adding a little bit of salt. I’ve actually never tried to make my own caramel apples before, but felt up to the challenge and I learned how easy they are! The best part? My recipe is super simple and only 3 ingredients!Continue Reading

Halloween Mermaid Makeup Tutorial with Neutrogena

DISCLAIMER / FTC: This post is sponsored by NEUTROGENA® I only recommend products I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. Some of the products mentioned were purchased by myself AND/OR some were provided by NEUTROGENA® for this post.

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial - mommylikewhoa.comHalloween is right around the corner, and if you’re still stumped for ideas on what to be for the night, why not take a page out of my book and become a fish out of water for the night as a stunning mermaid!? My kids and I always do theme costumes each year because it is so fun to dress up as a big group! This year, we chose mermaids because, well do you really need a reason to be a mermaid for the evening? Read on for the tutorial!Continue Reading

Halloween Themed Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Pumpkin and Ghost Strawberries -

In this house, we go through strawberries like we go through milk. Seriously! We eat so many strawberries! I love them in salads, or as a snack, and every now and then we have them dipped in chocolate as a fun and healthier option for dessert. My husband is NOT a sweets person (weird, right?!) but he can get down on some chocolate covered strawberries! I figured since Halloween is right around the corner, and people are probably starting to check out Pinterest for ideas on what to serve at their Halloween parties, I wanted to chime in and share my cute little Strawberry Ghosts and Pumpkins.Continue Reading

Blickenstaff’s Toy Store

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Whenever I think of Toy Stores, like real toy stores (you know the kind), I think of big places with loads of toys, mom and pop shop, not big corporate chain stores. It reminds me of Christmas movies, and being a kid, full of wonderment and excitement and pure joy. It’s the kind of place I want to take my kids to and watch their eyes get wide and let them go crazy. There aren’t a ton of places like that around anymore, which makes Blickenstaff’s Toy Store, that much more special.Continue Reading

13 Awesome Halloween Nails

13 Awesome Halloween Nails -

Last night I decided to paint my nails and get myself ready for Halloween. I decided to do a very simple blood drip on a white background because, spooky and awesome. And cute… in a “you’ve got blood drips on your nails” sort of way. It’s sort of creepy and macabre, but I like it and it’s Halloween. So I decided to search the internet (and by internet, I mean Pinterest) and find you the 13 of my favorite Halloween nails out there. Get creative, get excited and get your nail polish out and ready.Continue Reading

Billion Dollar Brows Tutorial

Friends don’t let friends have bad brows. True Story. And yet, I see them, day after day, on the internet, at the store, out and about. It’s bad ladies, real bad – but have no fear because I am here to help you out! If you’ve ever wanted some help with your brows, if you’ve ever had questions about how to do that, or just wanted to know what products to use, I am here to help! Read on and find out a super easy 5 step tutorial for perfect brows, every time.Continue Reading

Pretty Pintastic Party!

Morning! I am so excited for fall! All the yummy food, great TV shows and on Sunday it’s my wedding anniversary! Woo! Check out this weeks party, add your favorite posts from the week and maybe you’ll get featured!

Party on, Wayne!


 Welcome, Welcome!!  We are so glad you are joining us for our party!

We think it’s going to be pretty fantastic Pintastic!

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