I AM ENOUGH – Finding my inner Awesome

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If you read this blog, you should know by now that I am a very busy, on the go lady. Two kids, a few different jobs that take me here and there, a husband, large family, lots of things to do, places to go, people to see… etc etc yada yada yada. But am I enough?Continue Reading

Clean Fruit with iGOZEN + GIVEAWAY!



Dirty fruits and veggies are the WORST. I have tried multiple different ways to clean my fruit, vinegar soaks, organic soaps, and this one is the easiest, least effort and most effective one I’ve ever used. I love it!



You simply mix the packet with water in the spray bottle and shake it up. Spray it all over your fruit and let it sit about a minute, then rinse it off. It’s easy and it’s safe.



Check out that nasty water! And these were ORGANIC and I had already washed them once before! It literally gets off everything. No more bites into gritty greens, dirty veggies, or less than stellar fruit for me.



iGOZEN is made with seashells, with no oils, dyes, perfumes, or junk. It helps keep your family safe and is safe for those with allergies and other sensitivities. It helps naturally and organically remove toxins, pesticides, and bacteria in meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Visit their website for a free sample. or enter my giveaway below!

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The Perfect Clean Shave for Summer

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kellies wedding

A long time ago, I had a serious beard fetish. Really, I’m serious. When I was single, if you asked me out and you had a beard, 9 times out of 10 I would have said yes. I have NO IDEA where it came from. When I started dating my husband, he had no beard, or even a promise of one. He’s a baby face, and literally CAN NOT grow a beard. It grows in patchy and sparse, and I quickly learned that I preferred him with a clean shave. Every now and then, a bit of stubble can be pretty sexy, but for the most part, I enjoy him clean shaven.

Last November he grew it out for an entire month, for Movember, just to see what it would look like. I think he looks like Sirius Black’s long lost brother.

DH beard


Or maybe a man with 6 fingers on his right hand. Or a hobo. I dunno.

For our wedding he was clean shaven (THANK YOU!) and looked probably the most handsome I have ever seen him.


Awwwww *swoon*

I just have to share this pic, because it was right as he first saw me walking down the aisle.

first look

Do you think that is nerves, love, or pure fear? HA!

So I was making my monthly big trip to Walmart right before I left for my road trip to gather snacks, supplies and whatever household items we needed and my husband said he needed a new razor.


I wanted him to try the new Gillette Flexball Razor, because it looks pretty awesome!

So of course, I asked him to take some more pics when he shaved his face when I was gone on my trip and HE FORGOT! So I will be in the bathroom with him the next time he shaves to grab some photos of him and I will add them here ASAP! You guys deserve to see this rad razor in much better action!

I can not even wait til the Women’s version comes out, because SOLD.

Check out some more gorgeous clean shaven faces for summer on Pinterest!

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Heavenly Body Cleanse by Aster Elliott (review)


So I posted 2 weeks ago about doing a cleanse, and I got a ton of responses, questions and comments about it, how I liked it and what it was all about. I wanted to post this review to answer everyone’s questions. I had really great results with this cleanse, and if you’re looking for a good one, I hope you consider it and have similar results.

If you have anymore questions, make sure you leave me a message in the comments and I will answer you the best I can!

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The Last Leg

So here we are, on our last leg of our trip, heading down the 210 freeway (yes, us southern Californians use the word “THE” before the freeway names) about 4 hours from home. I jokingly texted my husband a photo of Six Flags Magic Mountain with the caption “see you tomorrow”. Ha!Continue Reading

How to get your toddler to NOT be a crazy banshee


Rewards. Seriously, rewards. Some kids don’t have that ability to know the difference between being good and bad. I speak from experience! The best way I know how to get my daughter to behave, are rewards.

Stickers. Treats. Toys. It doesn’t matter.She lives for stickers. Any chore you throw at her, if stickers end up being involved, she’s all about it.

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How to Be An Awesome Best Friend – With Hallmark Cards

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How to be an Awesome Best Friend - mommylikewhoa.com

I have seriously, the BEST. FRIENDS. EVER. A few months ago, I was in a slump and they decided to surprise me with cards, and presents every day. Each day one of them stopped by and dropped off a small gift, gift cards, coffee, candy, craft supplies, my favorite snacks. It was insane and awesome. They are seriously the best.

So pretty much, I feel like the lousy friend because I haven’t done the same to them recently.

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My Perfect Canvas + MAKEUP GIVEAWAY!!!


I love makeup. It’s such an addiction for me, buying it, trying out new looks and tutorials. Changing my entire look from day to night, or just playing with colors I don’t always wear. I just absolutely love everything about it!

Recently, I was sent some mineral makeup to try, and use. I had never heard of Mia Mariu brand of makeup before this review, so I honesty had no idea what to think. But, you know me! I am up for anything of it involves makeup!Continue Reading

Good2Grow Drinks


I first tried Good2Grow drinks a few months ago because they were cute and my kids begged me for them. I grabbed some for a short car trip we had to take and they loved them. At the time I literally had no idea what they were good for them too. Actually, one of the best options for kids juice on the market.Continue Reading

Road Trip 2014

Hey guys! I am fully mobile (and will be for the next few days)! Abbey, my mom and I are on a road trip to San Jose, California from San Diego. It’s about an 9 hour drive up the coast, but we’re making lots of stops along the way.Continue Reading