Easy and Healthy Breakfast Tacos

Easy & Healthy Breakfast Tacos - mommylikewhoa.com

You know the worst part about not having a gallbladder? My tummy can’t handle fatty foods anymore. Like within an hour I am in severe pain and it’s… well it’s not fun and it’s not pretty. The problem I have with that is most foods contain even trace amounts of fat, and my family tends to enjoy those meals the best. I have had to drastically change my eating habits, while still focusing on my families lifestyle. Because they don’t have my issues I have to find options that work for us as a family and fit into our lifestyle as it is. You know my family is picky, which means I have to be creative!Continue Reading

Pretty Pintastic Party #47

Hey guys! Well I am recovering well! And you can read the first part of my 5 part series here! I will be telling every detail and hope to help someone out there that might be having the same mysterious symptoms I was having! I hope everyone had a busy week and you’re looking forward to the weekend! Woo! I’ve got lots of stuff to do today, my post op follow up appointment is this morning, as well as grabbing Audrey from school because today is the start of our Spring Break! Woo! Lots of fun Spring and Easter crafts to come on the blog, so make sure you follow by email or on Social Media, so you don’t miss a thing!

You know why you’re here and you know what to do! Party on Wayne!

new-welcome-banner Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party where all posts are pinned; features pinned by all!

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LashEM Color Strokes Brow Tint Review

LashEM Color Strokes Brow Tint Review - mommylikewhoa.com

Y’all know me! Trying makeup is the best thing ever. I love it! I can’t say no to it! I jump at the chance to try any kind of makeup, because you really never know when you’ll find that one amazing gem in the bathroom drawer full of duds. And brow products? Don’t even get me started! Big, bold brows have made such a comeback the last year, and I myself am SO GLAD for it, because friends don’t let friend have bad brows!

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March GlossyBox Unboxing

March Glossybox Unboxing - mommylikewhoa.com

Please tell me that you’ve heard of subscription boxes! Because if you haven’t, seriously, you’re missing out! The basic premise is that you pay a monthly fee and you receive a box full of goodies. It’s awesome, and there are boxes out there for everyone’s taste. I have a post about the beauty ones here. But I digress, this month’s Glossybox just showed up in my mailbox yesterday, and I decided to unbox it here for you. So let’s get to the March Glossybox Unboxing!Continue Reading

Blog Makeover Update!

Blog Makeover Update

So you if you come here often (and I hope you do!) you may have noticed a few small changes happening to the blog lately. Over the next few months you will see even more! I am excited to announce that I am giving the ol’ girl a much needed overhaul and makeover! It’s been a long time coming, and what with me taking the blog more seriously, and it becoming much more than just a part time thing, I knew I needed to get serious about what I am presenting here! I’ve got lots of ideas for the makeover and I will give you guys a little sneak peek!

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My Cholecystectomy Diagnosis

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and am in no way licensed to give medical advice or treat any sort of medical issue. Always talk with your doctor before doing anything. I am just a girl who’s been there and wants to share my story in the hopes it might help someone!


This is part of a 5 part series chronicling my Gallbladder removal. Cholecystectomy Diagnosis is the first part in the series.

Right before the holidays I started having a lot of pain in my side. At the time I had no idea that me hitting a plateau in my weight loss, having side pains, upset stomach or just general tiredness had anything to do with each other. I chalked all of it up to the stress of the upcoming holidays and left it at that.

The first time I had a gallbladder attack (thought I didn’t know what it was then) was sometime in late October or early November. It was a weekend. We had dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, watched some TV and went to bed like normal. I might have had some wine that night, but I don’t remember.Continue Reading

Cherry Coke Float Jell-O Shots

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Cherry Coke Float Jell-o Shots - mommylikewhoa.com

Oh, my! For the past few days I swear, I have been LIVING off gelatin. It’s very surgery friendly, goes down smooth and tastes good. They pumped me full of it at the hospital! I swear I ate like 12 cups of it in a 24 hour period. OK, maybe not 12, but it was a lot. The nurses kept bringing it to me cuz they stock it like medical supplies at the nurses station on the recovery floor – for pudding I had to call down to the kitchen and order it. Such a pain, so Jell-O was the main staple of my “liquid diet”. I had that lifted as soon as I heard it was pot roast for dinner! So when I got home, I was craving some gelatin! Like CRAZY! And since the College Basketball Final Four is happening soon, I thought why not create a delicious and fun gelatin shot for parties?! It’s a create “drink” that’s easily shared with friends while watching the basketball game at your place or theirs, so I created a Cherry Coke Float Jelly Shot, because who wouldn’t want one? These are so fun and really taste almost exactly like a Cherry Coke Float! Careful not to eat them all!Continue Reading

Abbey Reviews Kidz Bop 28

Abbey Reviews Kidz Bop 28 - mommylikewhoa

So the ALL NEW Kidz Bop 28 came out today and Abbey got the awesome chance to try it out early, before it even came out! And this new Kidz Bop, has been on heavy rotation in our house! It doesn’t help that it’s filled with all her current favorite songs, so she’s so excited to jam out to them in her room. She shuts the door so I can’t watch her, but if she’s anything like I was, I know exactly what she’s doing. Rocking out super hard!

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Current Obsession : ROSE GOLD

Current Obession ROSE GOLD - mommylikewhoa.com


I cannot get over how beautiful the blushy golden tones of Rose Gold are. For real! It seems like everywhere the gorgeous hue is popping up, in jewelry, fashion, and beauty. I personally can’t get enough of it, and find myself snatching up anything rose gold I can find. Below are a few of my must haves for springs prettiest precious metal.Continue Reading

4 Free Spring Printables! – For EVERYONE’S Taste!

4 FREE Spring Printables For Everyone's Taste! - mommylikewhoa.com

I’ve been meaning to make sure fun Spring Printables lately. I just grabbed some new graphics and I have been dying to try them out! When I buy things, everyone wins! Yay!

So Yesterday was the first day of Spring and I saw so many cute Spring Prints all over Instagram and Pinterest, that I wanted to get in on the action and since I’m still bed ridden, and I can only watch so much Netflix (I know…) I got creative! Enjoy! All these are Free for download and printing, and if you want to use them for more than that, please let me know and give credit where credit is due by linking back to this post! Thanks!

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